Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trade Wire Explodes On Arb Day

I'm losing track, but I think we've logged 7 trades (so far) on Day 2 of the Winter Meetings...too many for me to write up.  Must be some kind of daily record.

panolo and the Santa Cruz Sparkies led the charge today, notching 4 deals involving 13 players.  Mbriese and his Sewer Gators also closed a pair of transactions.

Outside of the controversial Harry Johnson trade, Dover hauled in the biggest name today, getting former MVP and future HOF'er Ken Woods from Santa Fe for prospects Yoervis Barrios (Sea 28 IFA) and Ken Schofield (Sea 27 #671 - DITR). Among other things, Woods posted his 9th straight 100-walk season last year.  Even at 35 he'll be a huge for the Rabid Dogs' offense.

Meanwhile, the Dogs' Harry Johnson deal may be on the rocks.  4 GM's have noted their vetoes on the world chat, so the anticipation is building about whether the deal will be nullified (it takes 10).  We'll know tomorrow afternoon.

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