Monday, February 22, 2016

Inside The Johnson Trade With cretins

Chicago Orphans' GM cretins got a second shot at a trade for Harry Johnson after the first one with Dover was vetoed.  Everyone anticipated another deal would happen and that there would be multiple bidders.  Here's cretins' inside take on how the 2nd trade went down:

"There were 3 bidders.  New Orleans offered by far the most talent, but was also the only one asking for significant return beside Johnson. It took a while to get comfortable giving up so much but at the end of the day, the big risk has potentially big reward. The other offers were strong. Without the Icicles' bid , HJ was likely going to the Sewer Gators. My only regret is that kdfan (Dover) lost out. If things had been even or close I probably would have taken his offer over others since he was the only and first bidder for Johnson. His post-veto offer was a close third, but he didn't have quite enough firepower to compete with the other two offers. I hope his FA moves work out to cover his losing out on Johnson. The veto ultimately helped mobilize the market so I guess I should be thankful."

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