Monday, February 22, 2016

If names mean anything, it was destiny that Harry Johnson would end up with the Big Test Icicles.

The long-awaited trade kicked off a Day 4 of Free Agency that promises big fireworks with the Brewington and Joe Johnson signings at the 3PM cycle.

Once the 'Cicles included their top prospect, Yoslan Goya, in the negotiations, it appears it was just a matter of working out the details.  New Orleans at one point offered CF Ezequiel Neruda and wanted P Corey Booker, but eventually included Sea 29 first-rounder Darwin Thornburg and settled for RP Louie Lee.  They also received OF Ernest Stynes and MiL P Emil Ontiveros.

We hope to catch up with Chicago Orphans GM cretins later today for his comments on the trade.

The Orphans were involved in another trade this morning, sending the talented-but-underachieving Wil Gray east to the New York Sewer Gators for RP Jayson Faulkner.  Gray was the 28th pick of the Season 23 draft, by Nashville.  He was traded to Jacksonville in Season 24, and then traded to Chicago later that year.  He made a successful debut in Season 27 with a 2.12 ERA in 46 innings, but has struggled since then, posting an 8.57 ERA in 21 IP in Season 28, and a 2.09 Whip in 14 IP last year.  He's only good for 1 inning every 2-3 days at best, but the stunning across-the board ratings still make for an intriguing prospect.  Seems like a low-risk move for the Gators, who continue to try to assemble a lock-down, keep-the-other-team-from-scoring squad.

And now we wait for Brewington and Joe Johnson.  We have some pretty good rumors about Johnson's destination, but we're totally in the dark on Brewington.  Any late rumors?

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