Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Opening Day Power Rankings

Teams Runs Differential
Jacksonville 302 #1 Offense, #1 pitching, 4 of the best 18 hitters,4 of the best 16 pitchers.
Kansas City 214 "KC probably missed out on their best chance at winning it all last year. The changes will be slight, but the cap caused some downgrading, which will just get worse in coming seasons. Still, a loaded team....just not as loaded as last year."
Las Vegas 187 Vegas has an amazing offense and will be in the running for the $25 GC.
Scranton 171 Last years champ will be in an excellent position to repeat should something happen to JAX (again)
Augusta 141 The team with the biggest jump. I like their chances to go from a .500 team to a playoff team.
Vancouver 91 Down a little from last season, the offense will still be top notch.
Dover 64 A nice all around team, they should finally make the playoffs in the weaker NL.
Cheyenne 55 Their offense should be enough to keeep in the race for the WC.
Jackson 39 "Perennially on the verge, Mudslide will again be looking up at KC, LV and Van"
Scottsdale 16 The future has arrived and Herzog could win the MVP.
Los Angeles 8 Their roster is a little in complete so this is a bit of a guess.
Washington DC 4 In the wrong division. JAX is the best team, Bal has the best pitchign and Dover is a playoff team
Texas 2 Probably made a mistake not finding a way to keep Troncosco
Little Rock -17 Was about .500 two seasons ago, about .500 last season, about .500 this season. My only complaint is that they seem to waiting for an engraved invition to bring up Juan Martinez who is a top 50 pitcher right now.
Buffalo -20 "My SS still doesn't like this team, but they have consistently outperformed those projections; can they do it a third season in a row?"
Baltimore -25 Best pitching last season, 3rd most highly rated now. My SS says they will struggle to score, but my hear says they'll find a way.
Chicago -28 Their Harry Johnson Will Gray. Its not only a funny sentence, it’s a pair of top 10 players.
Helena -28 After seasons of 60ish wins, the future looks bright
Boise -33 Florida used to be the team I had a hard time coming up with something for, now its Boise.
Salt Lake City -38 Their system is stacked, but it hasn't turned in to wins. . . Yet.
Burlington -39 Another team that appears to be on the cusp of something nice.
Philadelphia -49 Since no AL team thinks Geronimo Marquez can play I'm going after him.
Trenton -51 Very good offense. Just needs a little more pitching
Santa Fe -57 Very good offense. Just needs a little more pitching
Nashville -82 Season 2 of the rebuild begins
San Diego -93 Was season 28 a series of happya ccidents or for real? We'll see this season.
Syracuse -94 A couple of amazing trades will show their impact soon.
Sacramento -106 Surprised Knine doesn't have them higher yet.
Florida -108 "Tigers will move back up to .500 and higher after this season."
Pittsburgh -122 Still unpacking Jbugg's mess
San Juan -133 Already 2-0. This may be the last time they have the best record in the league.
New Orleans -169 They always exeed my expectations. Imagine if they had talent on the roster.

Expected runs for
Team Runs For
Jacksonville 1008
Las Vegas 957
Kansas City 957
Scranton 929
Vancouver 899
Augusta 894
Cheyenne 855
Salt Lake City 854
Dover 842
Scottsdale 839
Los Angeles 836
Jackson 834
Texas 833
Santa Fe 819
Washington DC 813
Trenton 799
Buffalo 786
Little Rock 786
Syracuse 784
Chicago 783
Sacramento 783
Boise 782
Burlington 778
Philadelphia 774
Helena 770
San Diego 762
Nashville 743
San Juan 741
Florida 736
Baltimore 728
Pittsburgh 725
New Orleans 648

Expected runs against
Teams Runs Against
Jacksonville 707
Kansas City 744
Baltimore 754
Augusta 754
Scranton 760
Las Vegas 772
Dover 780
Jackson 796
Scottsdale 797
Helena 799
Cheyenne 801
Little Rock 804
Buffalo 808
Vancouver 810
Washington DC 811
Chicago 812
Boise 816
New Orleans 819
Burlington 819
Philadelphia 825
Nashville 826
Los Angeles 829
Texas 833
Florida 846
Pittsburgh 849
Trenton 851
San Diego 856
San Juan 876
Santa Fe 878
Syracuse 879
Sacramento 890
Salt Lake City 894

Top 30 hitters
Name Team projected runs created
Jin-Chi Itou LV 151
P.T. Feliz KC 146
Ike Allen LA 139
Jamey Brewington JAX 134
Woody Reagan DOV 133
John Small JAX 131
Dwight Herzog Scotts 128
Harry Johnson Chicago 127
Carlos Polonia Scotts 127
Tommy Webster Augusta 126
Joe Wilk SD 125
Josh Garcia Scran 124
Jumbo Sanchez LV 123
Bill Williams Jr. JAX 123
Hugh Pierre KC 122
Hector Cortez SLC 121
Bob Tucker texas 120
Vinny Catalanotto JAX 120
Ken Woods Santa Fe 119
Lewis Gilkey Scran 119
Bengie Fernandez SLC 118
Robinzon Beltran LV 118
Miguel Matos LA 118
Juan Aramboles DOV 117
Moises Morales Scotts 116
Del Camacho KC 116
Kevin Hillenbrand Chey 115
Geronimo Marquez Philly 114
Michael Palmer Boise 113
Yonder Rosado Augusta 113

Top 30 pitchers
Name Team Score
Al Troncoso JAX 3426
Derrick Dawkins Baltimore 3405.25
Yamil Duran texas 3403
Santos Eovaldi KC 3380.25
Orlando Fernandez JAX 3371
Jeremi Wilkerson NO 3343
Wil Gray Chicago 3252
Lew Ellis Augusta 3241.25
Vern Stone LV 3241
Placido Mercado Santa Fe 3227.5
Frank Hong Trenton 3223
Vicente Prieto VAN 3215.5
Rick Branson JAX 3214.25
Enerio Tatis Augusta 3206
Benj Trammell Chey 3190
Benji Ramirez JAX 3189
Louis Wilson KC 3179
Mark Martin Boise 3174
Pasqual Hernandez SYR 3171.25
Trever Springer LA 3166.25
Parker Walker Scran 3154
Bucky Champion Baltimore 3150.5
Corban Chiasson Scotts 3145
J.R. Blackley Scran 3136.75
Lawrence Hannity Baltimore 3133
Jair Gonzalez JAX 3131.25
Irv Porter Boise 3128.5
Shane Philips Augusta 3124.75
Ivan Beltre Scotts 3123.75
Ivan Amezaga Scran 3121.5

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