Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Season 38 Stat Update: Single-Season Hitting and Pitching

We just don't get many hitters getting into the top 5 of the single-season records in these days of the average team scoring 723 runs a season (last year's league-wide average).

A quick search shows the only players to crack the top 5 single season records in the last few years were Itou in Season 33 (.345/67/155), Ike Allen in Season 33 (.362/51/136, 222 hits, 101 extra-basehits), and Carlos Valdivia in Season 35 (.332/54/113, 216 hits, 103 extra-basehits).  There might be a couple of others in there somewhere, so correct me if I missed somebody.

As near as I can tell with my limited willingness to research, no hitting seasons cracked the top 5 single-season records in any major categories last season.

Conversely, the single-season pitching records are coming to be dominated by recent or active pitchers. 

In Season 37, Sam Stock and Kirk Marks both entered the top 5 in OBP Allowed:  Stock at #4 with .238 and Marks at #5 with .246.

In Quality Starts, Paul Kinney of The Steam set a new single-season record with 32.

Stock hit the record books a second time with a .251 Slugging % Allowed (#2 all-time) and a third time with a .87 WHIP (#3 all-time).

Ya' think we're in a "pitching era"?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Season 38 Stat Update - Career Pitching

Just as Jin-Chi Itou dominates the career hitting records for modern hitters, Sam Stock dominates the career pitching categories.

But unlike the hitting records, many other modern pitchers are prominent in the career stats.

Let's start with Stock.  Yeah, he's best-known for big wins totals (at 249, he's just outside the top 5 going into his age 29 season), but middle-relief wins don't really mean much.  He's currently #1 on in  the career stats in BA Allowed, ERA, OBP Allowed, Slugging % Allowed, and WHIP.  We'll see how those hold up when he begins the decline in a few more seasons, but for now he's ahead in most of those by wide margins.

Santos Eovaldi checks in at #4 in Complete Games and can move up to #3 with just 2 completos this year (the 7-point stamina drop in the off-season didn't help). 

Ernest Carey hits the charts in 4 categories: #2 in ERA at 2.67, #5 OBP Allowed at .278, #5 in Slugging % Allowed at .315 and  tied for 3rd in WHIP at 1.08.

Yean Carlos Posada comes in at #3 in ERA with a sterling 2.69.

Bralin Kohn just became eligible this year (810+ IP) and moves into #5 in ERA with a 2.75 mark.

Aurelio Duran is #2 in OBP Allowed (.271) and WHIP (1.05).
Glen Coste is #3 in OBP Allowed (.274) and tied for 3rd in WHIP (1.08)
Kind of a unique phenomenon in Hobbs:  in most worlds it's the short relievers that dominate the qualitative stats.  But at least among this group of still-active hurlers, Duran is the only pure short reliever.  Stock, Carey, Kohn and Coste are all more long/middle types or "long Setup A's".  Along with perhaps the best pitcher in Hobbs history, Orlando Fernandez, they make Hobbs the "World of the Middle Relievers".

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Season 38 Stat Update - Career Hitting

In career hitting  stats, almost all the updates concern the brilliant career of Jin-Chi Itou, but a couple of other modern players are worthy of mentions as well.

Itou of course, is our career leader in numerous stats: HR's with 846, Slugging % at .655 (and he's not likely to give up the lead even in his declining years).

He also ended last season with exactly 3000 hits (#5) and held onto #5 all-time in batting average (.325).

The interesting chases as he enters his age-36 season are in runs scored, RBI and runs created.  He's #2 to Jimmie Segui in all 3:  1887 to 1949 for Segui in runs, 2276 to 2406 for Segui in RBI, and 2365 to 2406 to Segui in runs created.  Looks to me like he'll pass Segui in RC and runs this year and RBI next year. 

Of much less significance but still notable in this pitching-dominant era:

Nick Green moved into a tie for 4th in OBP at .421, and sits at #4 in RC/27, and

Trace Clark is #5 in RC/27

Next up: career pitching

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Season 36 Recap - Pitching Record Book

To be in a "pitching era," we didn't see a lot of impact on pitching records last season.  While scoring was up slightly from Season 35, Seasons 34-36 remain the lowest-scoring 3-season span in Hobbs history.

In such a low-scoring environment, I would've expected a bunch of new entries into the Top 5's in the qualitative categories.  But the only one was Vic Merced's .184 BA Against, good for a tie for 3rd all-time.

We did have a couple of noteworthy counting-stat performances.

With a pretty decent age 40 (and final) season, Louis Wilson took over the career #1 spot in both innings pitched (4255) and strikeouts (3412).  Hall of Fame credentials?

And, although I'm quick to add that wins don't mean much the way Sam Stock is used (except maybe that he plays on a good team), he did up the single-season wins mark to 42.  A better indicator of his effectiveness is the fairly sizable leads he has as the career leader in all the qualitative stats. And he did pick up Cy Young #5 (in 7 seasons played), so he's actually on pace to match Itou's "major award" mark and maybe even break it given the longer careers of pitchers.  Unlikely, though, given that I'm not likely to stick around through the end of Stock's career, and it's not likely other owners would use Stock the way I have.

Season 36 Recap Part 2 - Itou's Hitting Records Assault

Jin-Chi Itou's remarkable age-34 season (.330/50/122) continued his crazy-re-writing of the record books and solidified his still-building legacy as the best hitter in Hobbs history (and possibly the best hitter any of us has ever seen in HBD).  Among the milestones set or added to last season:

***  Won his 11th MVP (in 16 seasons played).  This one has to be totally unassailable.  You have to be incredibly good AND incredibly lucky to win more than 3 MVP's...I think Itou has won it every year he should have won it plus a couple that were at least challengeable (Hasegawa's Season 32, 35 and 36 come to mind).

Nor will any pitchers approach 11 Cy Youngs.  Jair Gonzalez was the most dominant pitcher imaginable over his career, and he only got to 8 CY's.

And I don't think Sam Stock will maintain his current pace of CY's (5 in 7 seasons played).

***  Finished  last season with 816 career home runs, passing up Jimmie Segui (808) on the all-time list.  Segui slammed his 800+ over 21 seasons (more hitter-friendly seasons at that), while Itou has done it in 16 and is still cranking.  Special credit to Segui:  he played his entire career in the immensely hitter-difficult San Diego.

***  At an age when most (even good hitters) are seeing their career qualitative stats drop, Itou actually increased his career-leading numbers in ISO, OPS and Slugging %.

At 1811 runs scored, he's at 5th all-time, and 1st is just a matter of a couple more full seasons (Segui leads at 1949).  The RBI record is a little tougher - Segui has a 230-RBI lead on Itou starting this year (2406 to 2176), but is there any doubt Itou has a couple more 100-RBI seasons left, plus 2-3 more of 50-80?

Season 36 Recap, Part 1 - Playoffs and Breakthrough teams

Recent Hobbs playoff history has been dominated by 4 "mini-dynasties" that won back-to-back championships: the NL Scranton Express (today's New York Lincoln Giants) in Seasons 27-28, Season 29 and 30's Las Vegas Desperados (today's DesperaDOS), the Huntington Fire Blitz (now the D.C. Senators) of Season 32-33, and the New Orleans/Mexico City AL franchise of Seasons 34-35.

Only the Diablos Rojos made it back to the Series for a try at the hat trick, but their dreams were convincingly dashed in 6 by the resurgent young New Orleans Steam squad.

Hats off to boconner22 on his first World Series win!  What's really remarkable about the building of the Steam is it only took 1 year of rebuilding (after boconner's 1st 3 500-ish seasons) to produce a contender.

Other teams moved into the "up-and-coming" ranks with big improvements in Season 36:

Montreal improved by 31 wins to 95
Pittsburgh improved by 23 wins to 95
Trenton improved by 21 wins to 94
Honolulu improved by 19 wins to 98
Wichita improved by 12 wins to 82

Looks like a lot of new teams gunning for playoff spots this year!