Thursday, February 23, 2017

How The B.C.Alfonzo Trade Went Down (from the Washington D.C. Point of View)

In a very active offseason, Washington D.C. and Iowa City have just agreed to perhaps the biggest trade of all of them: Iowa City gives P Wladimir Mercado for D.C.'s B.C.Alfonzo, Hack Palmer and Rymer Deduno.  Here's how it happened from the point of view of D.C. GM foolsgold79:

"So Iowa City first approached me about sending Hack Palmer (Seas 32 #28 overall)  Rymer Deduno (Sea 32 #39 overall) and Oswaldo Seguignol from D.C. for Wladimir Mercado (Season 30 #2 overall). I was ready to pull the trigger on that deal, but I had already committed Seguignol in a different trade.

'I countered, asking for Iowa City to swap out Seguignol for a different prospect, but he couldn't find a good fit. That's when we began to talk ML players. Iowa City came back with the same deal, but this time with Jenrry Zumaya in place of Seguignol, and he would also send me a ML position player. Having just acquired Zumaya, I was hesitant.

'I tried to expand the deal to include Mercado and a second SP prospect for Zumaya and Deduno, however he balked at sending a second SP prospect. We briefly discussed a super deal next.

'This deal would have sent Kelvim Hasegawa and Jenrry Zumaya to Iowa City for Mercado and Theo Schulte (Sea 31 #6 overall), plus complimentary pieces. I wasn't ready to give up that much of my ML lineup, so I finally countered back with a couple of variations of the trade that was accepted, at the last minute inserting B.C. Alfonzo. I did make a brief run at sending everything to Iowa City for Chris Osborne (Sea 33 #1 overall) , but I was quickly rebuffed and told he wasn't available. This negotiation took place over three days and 30+ trade chats."

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