Monday, November 21, 2016

New Owner Intro: editor21

I'm a veteran newspaperman who cut his journalism teeth covering high school and youth league sports in my hometown of Humboldt, Tenn. Following my graduation from Union University in Jackson, Tenn., I opted to forego the drudgery of accounting (my degree) for the less rewarding but more exciting field of journalism. Currently, I'm executive editor of the seven-days a week TimesDaily in Florence, Ala. After playing Scoresheet baseball for about 10 years, I decided 4 years ago to try Hardball Dynasty after seeing a website advertisement on the game. Full of idealism early in my HDB experience, I usually took one of the most downtrodden teams and tried to rebuild the hard way -- through draft picks and international signings. I had some limited success until the revamping of the drafting process, but for the most part I've accepted the realization that building a contender using that strategy is largely a fool's game. Still hoping for an extended streak of luck and my first World Series title.

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