Thursday, November 17, 2016

More New Owners

Survivor of the hair metal Era during college as evidenced by my handle...bonus points if you remember the Warrant song. Grew up on Statis-PRO baseball card game where I always had Blue Jay Damaso Garcia as my 2b. Then moved on to roto auction leagues where I always seemed to overpay for Mo Vaughn as my 1b. As a novice of WIS, I probably didn't need a 6th team but in each case I've started with a "dumpster fire" roster to see if i can build it up. Mild progress in some of my other leagues. Looking forward to see if I can win my 55 games a year here for awhile while rebuilding. Wishing everyone a fun season!!

I'm a 40 year old from New England who runs a group home for teenagers. A long time Tigers fan now being tortured in the middle of Yankee/Red Sox country. I've been with HBD since the beginning but mostly stayed in the same two worlds. Looking forward to a new challenge in Hobbs!

I'm 27 years old from Paradise Texas I work at Martin Marietta as a control room operator. Quit playing Hardball Dynasty about a year ago due to having my first child, finally decided to get back into it, and won my first world series, glad to be in a world with a lot of great owners.

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