Friday, July 29, 2016

Playoff Spots Still In Play With 2 Games Left

With 2 games to go, there are still playoff berths up for grabs.

The AL decided its division winners long ago, and Nashville has secured the first Wild Card, but Jackson, Santa Cruz and San Diego are still battling for the #6 seed.  The schedule prefers San Diego, which has 2 with Cheyenne, while Santa Cruz has to face Vegas.  Santa Cruz has the tie-breaker with Jackson (via division record) and San Diego (via season series); and the Jackson-San Diego tiebreak is unclear - the division record could go either way.

In the NL, Texas had a comfortable lead in the South as recently as 7 games ago, but they've taken a 7- game nosedive at the same time that Charlotte has posted a W8, so the Steam now leads by 1.  Texas has Santa Fe and Charlotte faces San Juan in the last 2.  The teams tied their season series and the division-record tiebreak could go to either.  If a tiebreak goes all the way to run differential, Charlotte is going to have it.

Out West, Scottsdale and Salem are dead even.  Even better, they're playing each other in the last series.  Salem's up 4-3 in the season series, so the Cardinals have to win both to take the division...if they split the last 2, Salem takes the tiebreak.

So the playoff pairings are going to be something like this

Philadelphia vs. Nashville, winner plays New Orleans
Las Vegas vs. Jackson, Santa Cruz or San Diego, winner plays Huntington

Scottsdale or Salem vs.  Chicago or Rochester, winner plays Buffalo
Charlotte or Texas vs.  Chicago or Rochester, winner plays Jacksonville

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