Friday, July 29, 2016

Assorted Musings On The Regular Season

The "Tough Way To End The Season" Award goes to, of course, Texas.  Up 7 with 10 games to go, the Choades went 1-9 to Charlotte's 9-1 to lose the division by 2 games. Let's give the Steam credit for a great streak at the perfect time, but josepaco, we feel for ya'.

Biggest hit of the season?  Salem and Scottsdale waited until the 7th inning of Game 162 to decide the NL West crown.  That's when Salem CF Arthur Bryant slammed a 3-run HR that proved to be the game-winner.

MVP Finally?  The AL MVP looked like another Itou-only affair for most of the season.  But Itou faded a bit late even while producing his best RBI season (170), and Joshua Monahan surged to nearly equal Jin-Chi's offense and posting 31 + plays on defense.  This may finally be his year.

What The Hell Happened To...Dover?  The defending NL Champ and big preseason mover and shaker was the overwhelming choice to get to the WS again, but fell flat to fourth in the NL East (with Wilson and Eovaldi both contending for the NL Cy Young no less). Even with the good years from their 2 big starters, their pitching fell back some - from 3rd to 9th in Team ERA.  And the offense really fizzled, scoring only 707 runs versus last year's league-leading 895.

A Big Scoring Year:  Hobbs averaged 769 runs per team this year, up from 756 in Season 30 and 758 in Season 29.

New Fashion Trend?:  Will Sam Stock's 40 wins and 195 IP change the way big STA/DUR relievers are used?  Is he more valuable throwing 195 innings mostly in the 3rd-6th innings, or 90 innings in the 8th & 9th?

Got more Regular Season Musings?  Post them as comments here or pass them along on trade chat and I'll post.

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