Friday, June 10, 2016

Team-By-Team At Game 25

We're almost one-fifth of the way into the season.  Reality is starting to set in.  That sketchy left-hander with the career 5.32 ERA is not going to bust out his career year and win 20 for you. But there have been surprises, both good and bad.  Here's a team-by-team look at items of note throughout the league.

Santa Cruz Sparkies:  At 10-3, best home record in Hobbs, so they've figured out how to play the big ballpark.  3 of the rotation have ERA's under 3.00 Miguel Cedeno 2.25, Ugueth Rodriguez 2.59, Mark Cloud 2.79.

San Juan Padres:  The offense is struggling with just 90 runs scored (15th). Last year's big star Branden Clarkson has not digested the move to SS well either on offense (.198 BA, although he does lead the team with 18 RBI) or defense (.920 fielding %).

San Francisco Fog:  Ragged start (12-13) for the Fog but just 3 back.  .333/6/21 start for 2B Chris Cromer.  Their big free-agent gamble, Nolan Duffy, has been excellent with a 2.53 ERA in 32 IP.

San Diego Surf Sharks:  Nice start at 13-12 for the Sharks, as their pitching (3.92 ERA - 3rd) is keeping them in hailing distance of the AL West-leading Desperados.  Despite Joe Wilk's bad start (.217/5/12), the offense is outscoring last year's edition (although still last : in the AL).

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