Friday, May 20, 2016

What's Your Top Priority This Offseason?

Here are (mostly your) answers to the question, "What's Your Top Priority This Offseason?" Most played it straight, some engaged in perfectly-acceptable misdirection, a few good quips, and no one selected the obvious "Drinkin' & screwin'".  Enjoy.

Boise Spuds:  Off-season priority is to overhaul the team to be competitive while continuing to rebuild the farm system from scratch. Long story short, probably going to be another rough year for Boise Fans!

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo: Avoid injuries. Longer answer: I really just need to stay the course here. With imminent promotions of Valdivia and Christians my lineup is pretty set. I'll be on the lookout for a defensive SS and perhaps another arm, but I'm also hoping that the massive upgrade in pitch calling that Christians offers will do more for my overall pitching performance than any FA additions.

Charleston Flying Divots:  The Flying Divots top priority is trying to determine if we want to win 55 or 56 games. #SamHinkie

Charlotte Steam:  Have one of the last protected picks, so I'd like to sign a couple type A's and try to make a run at the division

Cheyenne Huckleberries:  Stay healthy and get younger. Youth movement is on

Chicago Capones:  (Editor's guess) Find a 2B and rebuild the FA-decimated pitching staff

Chicago Orphans:  (Editor's guess)  Add a thumper LF and a slick-pickin' SS

Dover Rabid Dogs:  The Rabid Dogs will pretty much stand pat this offseason unless a glaring opportunity presents itself.  Full roster, with all the key pieces returning, doesn't leave the team many places to go. If presented the opportunity to acquire a top pitcher Management would have a hard time saying no.

Durham Dark Monsters:  I need to improve my pitching

Huntington Fire Blitz:  I need to be able to sign everyone going to arb. $36m+

Indianapolis The Next Episode:  Dial down the mania of last offseason.

Jackson Mudslide:  Trying to find help with small remaining budget.

Jacksonville Three Meaningful Games:  One last run at a WS before the rebuild

Kansas City Jayhawks:  I have no idea at the moment. I need to see what some of my FAs say about resigning once budgets are finalized. Screwed up and forgot to resign 3 core guys, and can easily see 2 leaving. I may just start a rebuild this year.

Las Vegas Desperados:  (Editor's guess) Find another pitcher in free agency like Lew Ellis last year

Louisville Hot Brown:  Hot Brown are looking to get younger and set a strong foundation for a quick rebuild.

Nashville BootleggersI have 27 players on my active ML roster. Probably wont do much

New Orleans Big Test Icicles:  a couple of lefty pitchers; if you're going to carry 12 pitchers to try to get L/L and R/R matchups, it's a good idea to actually have some lefties

New York Sewer GatorsRuns. A few hitters underperformed, but the fact of the matter is that we couldn't score enough to be competitive.

Philadelphia Erffdoggs:  (Editor's guess)  add a top SP and a top reliever

Pittsburgh Ellis D's:  (Editor's guess)  Trim a little more payroll without hurting the win totals

Rochester EliteDucks:  (Editor's guess) Find a power-hitting LF and a #1 SP

Salem Witch Hunters:  We went from picking 6th in the draft last season and playing in the NLCS to picking 30th this season; team is ready to make a stronger push in the NL and compete for a World Series Ring this season

Salt Lake City Trappers:  #trust the process...need pitching!

San Diego Surf Sharks:  to find the fountain of guys are aging fast!

San Juan Padres:  (Editor's guess) CF who can run and catch

San Francisco Fog:  Strengthen the pitching staff.

Santa Cruz Sparkies:  Dusting off a spot on the mantle for my forthcoming division championship.

Santa Fe Fire:  my top offseason priority is 1 big bat and 2 great RPs for my ML squad.

Scottsdale Cardinals:  the top off season priority for the Scottsdale Cardinals, is to keep our wits about us. :D

Texas ChoadesTo open a window and blow out the stench of the dead guys with big contracts that I was finally able to dump. It's spring again

Vancouver VoodooI'm looking for anyone who can hit it over the wall.

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