Sunday, May 22, 2016

For the Stats and Records Geeks...

With HOF voting coming up, I thought it might be handy to have career and single-season records readily viewable, so I added the major categories over in the right sidebar.  Random thoughts on the various records:

Career Hitting

How remarkable is it that our career HR leader (Jimmie Segui) played his entire career in one of the worst ballparks for HRs (San Diego)?  That guy Craig Wood was pretty good, too.  Maybe we've got a real gear-head among us who can do all the ballpark and era adjustments and tell us how Jin-Chi Itou compares to those two.

Speaking of Itou...certainly he'll be among the career leaders in counting stats like HR and RBI by the time he's done.  The more sabermetric stats already like him - he's the career leader in Isolated Power and Secondary Average.  If you want to read up on what those stats are, here is a good article on Isolated Power, and here's a good one on Secondary Average.

I'm not sure when it happened, but Kelvim Hasegawa set the hitting streak record with 41. How crazy is it that this guy has already been traded twice?

Career Pitching

Is Orlando Fernandez the best pitcher in Hobbs history?  He's the career leader in ERA, Whip, OPP Allowed, and Slugging % Allowed (and I think 2nd in Batting Average Allowed). He didn't throw starter's innings, but he could have, judging from the 189 he logged in his CY-winning Season 22.

Single-Season Hitting

As expected, the older guys of the steroid era dominate this list, but I did want to give a mention to the 2 modern-era players who show up.  Ken Woods, who just re-signed with Dover, posted a best-ever OBP of .473 back in Season 22.  And Rich Bradley, who retired after Season 26, scored the most runs ever in a Season (161) back in Season 20.

Single-Season Pitching

Conversely, most of these marks belong to the modern-day guys like Fernandez (BA allowed and wins) and Jair Gonzalez (Quality Starts).  And there's Sam Stock, who last year became the first pitcher to place in the top 5 in all 5 qualitative stats in a season.

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