Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Did You Achieve Your Off-Season Goals?

Iain:  I don't think you need me to tell you we managed to contain ourselves in Indy.  And we feel good about adding a Type A comp pick to our draft, too.

rbjb:  The upgrades were acquiring Jason Haywood (P) to replace Ezdra Olivares (P) and acquiring Oswaldo Alberro (3B) to replace Jim Salazar (3B) . The only thing I need now is a backup catcher.  I think I improved my roster from last year with a front line pitcher Jason Haywood (P)who is only guaranteed $54M of his $60M since his 5th yr is a mutual option.  I have offensive depth in the minors in case I have some injuries. Pitching can be a problem if there is an injury there. Knock on wood and you know it is going to happen with this statement. I only have 3 pitchers with a health rating lower than 80 and medical and training are both at 20. So I hope there is not a concern in the pitching. I just hope my whole teams turns it around from last year's awful display. I really don't know what happened last year. I basically had the same team as the year before, but they just didn't perform.

blanch13:  We wanted a couple of LHP.  We got them, albeit both are last-day-of FA types.  We could stand to upgrade there, or even add 1 more LHP.  Hopefully we also lit a fire under Harry Johnson's ass with all the trade talk.

mbriese:  I could have done more to put together a better team for this season, but I stuck to my long-term plan for the offseason. I played it pretty safe compared to last year, but added some bats without crippling my future. I'd give myself a B-.

panolo:  I wanted to move another player to open space on the big league roster that did not work. I was happy to shore up the bullpen with the relief arms I needed. Wanted Hinchcliffe but not for $8mil plus.

finnski:  During the off-season, it was nip and tuck as to whether or not Corban Chiasson would stay in the desert. After a little back and forth on the bidding, our top priority, decided to stay. Now after the Rule 5 draft, the only thing left is to try and get a right handed relief pitcher into the fold. Otherwise, it was a pretty mundane off season.

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