Sunday, March 20, 2016

The whenever I get to it power rankings are out!

Team Record Score Comment
Huntington 38-10 1.71

38-10?!  Wow, just wow!  Clearly the best so far.

Jacksonville 34-14 1.76

#1 in runs scored and runs prevented in the NL, but Huntington
New Orleans 31-18 3.71

As predicted, New Orleans has arrived!
Dover 30-18 4.47

The defending NL champ is the only threat to  JAX on paper.
Las Vegas 28-20 5.00

Top of the next tier, but history says they will get back into the elite.
Salem 25-23 10.50

Record doesn't show it, but every underlying number says they'll improve.
Chicago 28-21 10.97

Much better than expected.
San Juan 27-22 11.21

Off to a really nice to start.
Philadelphia 26-23 11.56

Expected WP says they should be better.
Santa Cruz 28-21 12.15

Also much better than expected
San Francisco 27-21 12.50

Also, also much better than expected
Scottsdale 26-23 12.74

Morales is carrying the team so far (23 extra base hits).  If Herzog gets going watch out!
Jackson 25-23 13.09

Should be a top 10 team.

Vancouver 24-24 13.79

A .500 start, but only 1.5 back
Chicago 27-22 14.26

Playing a little above their head, but good for them.
Kansas City 23-26 14.29

Disappointing start.
Santa Fe 27-21 14.38

Winning the division and the best preforming minors in Hobbs.
Scranton 24-24 16.26

Not where we are used to seeing them
Buffalo 24-25 16.35

Now that their roster is full I can say that I think they will get back over .500
Florida 23-25 19.24

101 million is a lot to pay for a losing record.
Indianapolis 23-26 20.53

Started from the Middle
New York 23-26 21.00

Probably not where they want to be, but you can see the vision.
Nashville 19-30 22.50

I can't explain it.  This team has a top half roster.
Baltimore 22-27 23.35

Checks in regularly, but AI has been running the team since leap day.
Ellis D's 19-29 25.68

It's not about overalls, but winning with no one over 74 is tough.
Burlington 18-30 26.38

6-14 at home and already 20 back.  Time to trade the MVP?
Louisville 17-32 26.79

Tanking or really bad at HBD because this team has talent.
Salt Lake City 19-30 27.21

Also checks in regularly, but AI has been running them since 12/1.
Boise 19-29 28.03

Bad, but better than expected.
San Diego 18-30 28.15

Up and down team is down again.
Texas 17-31 28.71

Really struggling
Cheyenne 17-32 29.74

Really, really struggling

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