Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Top's Power Rankings and Projected Records.

Sorry I didn't publish these last season or the season before.  I got frustrated with a number of things and just didn't have the motivation to do them.  My apologies.

 Team              W L Comment
1. Jacksonville     108 54 On paper the 2nd best hitting, best pitching  and should be NL favorite by a mile.

2. Las Vegas     107 55 Best hitting, 3rd best pitching, my pick to win it all again

3. Kansas City     101 61 4th best hitting, 2nd best pitching, 2nd biggest chockers

4. Huntington     98 64 The big boys in town.  No worse than an 8-1 shot.  Good everywhere

5. New Orleans    97 65 It took a while, but they'll get better as the season progress and probably win 100.  By next season might be the best

6. Salem             96 66 Hitting every bit as good as LV and Jax.  A aerious threat to win it all.

7. Dover             92 70 Not as good as last season, but I'm saying there's a chance.

8. Jackson     89 73 Another playoff run seems likely

9.Vancouver     88 74 Always a well built team

10. Scottsdale     88 74 If the pitching is better than I project could be a contender

11. Louisville     88 74 They got Kelvim Hasegawa right?  Seriously, a pretty well built team seems finally ready to break through

12. Philadelphia   85 77 Should have enough pitching, but has to get a little lucky with the bats. Youngest team in the league.

13. Indianapolis    82 80 Bottoms are ready to spank a few teams this season, don't let the #1 pick fool you.

14. Scranton     82 80 End of an era?

15. Burlington     80 82 Good offense, weak pitching, fun games!

16. Nashville     80 82 Pretty big payroll to be projected as a sub .500 team

17. Chicago     79 83 One Chicago team is roughly as good as the other

18. Chicago     78 84 One Chicago team is roughly as good as the other

19. Florida    78         84 Their owner thinks they are a .500 team.  That seams reasonable.

20. San Juan     78 84 Sometimes I can't think of anything to say

21. New York     77 85 Top 6 pitching, but I just can't figure out how they'll score runs

22.  San Francisco 76 86 3rd pick and the rsoter says they'll improve by 10 games

23.  Buffalo     75 87 Hurt by the fact that they roster is not complete.  Probably too low.

24. Santa Cruz     73 89 Just kind of below average everywhere

25. Cheyenne     72 90 New name (thank you).  Less talent.

26. Baltimore     71 91 Weakest Baltimore team in "years"

27. Salt Lake City 68 94 When I used to the farm system rankings they were always top 3.  Not sure what happened.

28. San Diego     67 95 Like Buffalo, I'm often underrating them

29. Texas             65 97 My spread sheet has really like them in the past.  Not this year.

30. Ellis D's     60 102 Ok, not their city, but is there a cooler name?

31. Santa Fe     57 105 Not this bad, but when you have 16 players on your ML roster my SS doesn't know what to do

32. Boise             56 106 Just really bad all over.

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