Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Season 27: Preseason Report

Teams RD W L Comments

Jacksonville 259 110 52 .4 runs separate the top 2. Just rounded differently. Both reams are loaded.

Kansas City 258 110 52 The most complete team in Hobbs

Scranton 200 103 59 After a slight dip last season and a new name, the Scranton franchise is back.

Las Vegas 192 102 60 Top offense in Hobbs, but pitching is a couple of notches below the top 3.

Vancouver 128 95 67 Good enough to win the WS. Anyone below Vancouver would be a longshot.

Jackson 66 88 74 A team on the rise for a while, 90 wins seems likely.

Chicago 60 88 74 Last season's 80 wins was a disappointment, but this season looks better.

Dover 44 86 76 Kcfan has finished the rebuild quite nicely. If he can get a little more pitching he will be very dangerous.

Cheyenne 40 85 77 Averaged 93 wins over the last 5 seasons. Probably about the same this season.

Durham 30 84 78 I don't know how many wind they will have, but history says it will end in a 4 or 5.

Nashville 22 83 79 Big salaries equal big expectations for this 80 win team.

Augusta 20 83 79 Will a new location equal big results? I'm guessing 85 wins.

Houston 1 81 81 My eyes like team better than my SS. I'm going to assume my eyes are right.

Santa Cruz -5 80 82 Colton worked hard to rebuild this team and finnski sees primed to take them to glory.

Los Angeles -7 80 82 Stnick has his team ready for the playoffs potentially. He has resources in the minors to help or trade for help.

Helena -11 80 82 A complete teardown seems likely. Not likely to finish this high.

Buffalo -14 79 83 My SS never liked the champs and the off season does not seem to have improved things.

Baltimore -17 79 83 Declined a little bit from previous season. Still talented.

Little Rock -22 79 83 Late season collapse cost them a playoff spot. They have already added an IFA. The franchise seems to be getting healthier by the season.

Boise -27 78 84 Decent at everything and they often over perform expectations.

Burlington -36 77 85 Doume has the team ready to start challenging for a playoff spot.

Pittsburgh -45 76 86 Interesting off season. Need to rebuild seemed clear, but rigbystar took it a different way.

San Francisco -56 75 87 Slow decline likely to continue, but the budget is in great sharp.

San Juan -68 73 89 One strong pitcher from being able to contend.

Syracuse -73 73 89 Expensive and not that good, but at least they have the first pick.

Trenton -80 72 90 Highest initial rank in a few seasons. Things are looking up.

Florida -94 71 91 Not bad at anything, just not really good at anything either.

Philadelphia -100 70 92 May be emerging from the rebuild. Has more talent than last season and his budget is in great shape.

Santa Fe -129 67 95 Not really this bad. Their roster is incomplete and I can only use what's there.

Sacramento -148 65 97 Power ranking wise Sacramento is going the wrong way.

San Diego -151 64 98 Despite a wonderful season last year, I just don't see the stars to justify a higher ranking. Only Maxwell would get playing time on the Jayhawks for example.

New Orleans -237 55 107 One of the most successful owners in Hobbs, but I don't see it on this roster.

Top 25 hitters

Name Team Projected Runs Created

Jin-Chi Itou LV 150.5

P.T. Feliz KC 145.7

Ike Allen LA 135.6

Jamey Brewington JAX 133.9

Woody Reagan DOV 131.0

John Small JAX 130.3

Tommy Webster JAC 128.2

Harry Johnson CHI 127.5

Dwight Herzog SCOT 125.1

Bill Williams Jr. JAX 123.8

Jumbo Sanchez LV 123.2

Ken Woods Santa Fe 122.6

Joshua Monahan BURL 121.8

Hector Cortez SF 121.4

Hugh Pierre KC 121.4

Vinny Catalanotto JAX 120.2

Bengie Fernandez SF 119.8

Bob Tucker HOU 119.5

Alan Duncan SAC 119.1

Moises Morales SCOT 117.8

Robinzon Beltran LV 117.7

Geronimo Marquez PHIL 117.5

Miguel Matos LA 116.9

Juan Aramboles DOV 116.7

Taylor Griffith SAC 116.6

Top 25 pitchers

Name Team Raw score

Al Troncoso HOU 3415

Yamil Duran HOU 3401

Derrick Dawkins BALT 3400

Orlando Fernandez JAX 3374

Santos Eovaldi KC 3353.25

Jeremi Wilkerson NO 3333

Frank Hong TRE 3248

Vern Stone LV 3244

Lew Ellis AUGS 3241.25

Benji Ramirez JAX 3223

Vicente Prieto CHI 3215.5

Wil Gray CHI 3195

Benj Trammell Chey 3194.75

Rick Branson JAX 3192

Jason Haywood KC 3183.75

Mark Martin BOI 3180

Louis Wilson KC 3179

Enerio Tatis AUGS 3177

Trever Springer NASH 3176.25

Domingo Hernandez Pitt 3170.5

Pasqual Hernandez SYR 3160.75

Walt Hairston HEL 3150

Corban Chiasson SCOT 3145

Jack Parrish DUR 3135.5

Jair Gonzalez JAX 3134.25

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