Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Final Regular Season Power Rankings

1- Jacksonville See You Now (NL) (119-43)- I'd love to jinx someone else, but when you establish a new wins record, break the era record by .18 and lead the league in fielding percentage you are the favorite.

2- Las Vegas Desperados (AL) (116-46)- 1148 runs is more than even I had guessed. That's over 7 runs a game, and the most in league history. Would have fallen 1 short of the wins record if not for Jacksonville.

3- Kansas City Jayhawks (AL) (108-54)- A balanced attack from a perfect team. 2nd in offense and no lower than 4th any major category.

4- Pawtucket Griffins (NL) (104-58)- Dominate force in the NL with just one weakness: the bullpen. Had almost as many blown saves as Jax, Vegas, and KC combined.

5- Cheyenne Feather Heads (AL) (102-60)- WC1 in the NL, Cheyenne was 5th in runs scored. Nicky Cooke was all world with .331 37 117.

6- Vancouver Voodoo (AL) (96-66)- In the playoffs again, has 2 Cy Young candidates: Kurt Esposito and Horacio Moya

7- Sacramento Maters (NL) (94-68)- Didn't I tell you knine was tremendous. MWR casualty to 94 game winner in one season.

8- Durham Bulls (NL) (95-67)- WC #1 in the NL with their second consecutive 95 win season. Always plays JAX tough so he scares me.

9- Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo (NL) (90-72)- Boy it sure didn't take Cyben long to turn them in to WC#2. Had the second best pitching too!

10- Nashville BootLeggers (AL) (89-73)- Omar Gutierrez had a season for the ages. Will it be enough to lead the #3 seed past powerful Vegas and complete KC?

11- Baltimore Buushwackerz (NL) (87-75)- Building talent with heavy prospect spending and a winning record at every level by Rookie ball. Will next season be the break out year?

12- Cincinnati Red Bowties (NL) (86-76)- Despite being loud in the forum, Cincinnati just record it 3 straight season of win total growth.

13- Boise Spuds (AL) (86-76)- 17 win improvement gives them the most wins for this franchise since season 2

14- Chicago Orphans (NL) (82-80) After 5 seasons lost in the woods Chicago seems ready to make it back to the playoffs next season.

15- Jackson Mudslide (AL) (82-80) Middle-of-the-road season despite Tommy Webster's efforts otherwise (.915 OPS and 50 steals)

16- Charlotte Charlotteans (NL) (83-79) Not a great season, but good enough to make the playoffs.

17- San Francisco Gothams (NL) (77-85) Will Angel Cruz's .904 OPS and 52 steals season convince voters to ignore Brewington's 50-40 season?

18- San Juan Padres (NL) (73-89) Had a tough season despite RotY candidate Benito Seanez's .307 and 40 in only 121 games.

19- Santa Cruz Designated Drinkers (NL) (79-83) Did they W11 themselves out of a decent draft pick?

20- New Orleans Big Test Icicles (AL) (73-89) Threatened to contend for a large portion of the season and then fell back to where the ML talent said they should be. Will be ready to win their division next season.

21- San Diego Surf Sharks (AL) (71-91) Lead the league in + plays. Not only is their record better than last season, but the underlying numbers are MUCH better.

22- Florida TIGERS (AL) (69-93) Fourth losing season in a row. Hopefully the talent accumulating in the minors will overcome that next season.

23- Richmond Fire Blitz (AL) (70-92)- This is what gets you in the playoffs in the weaker American League :)
24- Santa Fe Fire (NL) (64-98) Team lost 15 more than last season, but was active and has dominate teams in the lower minors so the franchise may be heading in the right direction.

25- Syracuse Shockers (AL) (69-93) Vegas, KC, and Jax all breathed a sigh of relief when the champs and their 2 headed monster we eliminated from the playoffs.

26- Dover Rabid Dogs (NL) (66-96) Stated the rebuild this season still had pieces to move, but is making excellent progress towards bring the franchise back to relevancy.

27- Trenton Fishermen (AL) (65-97) Big salary, declining record. Hard to see the plan form the outside.

28- Honolulu Hurricanes (AL) (63-99) Played almost .500 ball after their 5-33 start. Remarkable comeback actually.

29- Philadelphia Erffdoggs (AL) (65-97) Unfortunately got more attention for winning 117 in the past than anything he did this season.

30- Little Rock And Rollers (NL) (60-102) Fell off at the end, but I think they had enough success to come back and continue to build a winner

31- Los Angeles Lothbroks (NL) (55-107) Only NB's late season collapse prevented them from being team #32.

32- New Britain Red Coats (AL) (54-108) We will all miss dbird. Talent wise this franchise was coming around, but the record does not reflect that.

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