Saturday, November 29, 2014

2nd Qtr Power Rankings

1- Jacksonville See You Now (NL) (64-20) (37-11)- 3rd most runs to go with the pitching staff Hobbs has ever seen according to team ERA

2- Las Vegas Desperados (AL) (62-22) (35-13)- 6.92 runs a game. On pace for over 1100 runs. Few runs surrendered in the AL

3- Kansas City Jayhawks (AL) (56-28) (31-17)- 2nd best in the AL at everything. Jorge Lunar is killing it!

4- Pawtucket Griffins (NL) (55-29) (33-15)- After a so-so first quarter (for them) they really kicked into gear

5- Cincinnati Red Bowties (NL) (51-33) (28-20)- 5-5 vs. Jacksonville (everyone else is 15-59)

6- Cheyenne Feather Heads (AL) (50-34) (29-19)- Cheyenne has played well despite the picketers 

7- Nashville BootLeggers (AL) (47-37) (28-20)- Corban Chiasson has already recorded over 141 innings

8- Durham Bulls (NL) (51-33) (34-14)- After a sub .500 open they have stormed to the WC #1

9- Sacramento Maters (NL) (49-35) (26-22)- They have been a little off lately, but they still have a 5 game lead in the NL West

10- San Francisco Gothams (NL) (44-40) (25-23)- Top 4 offense caries them to consistently good quarters

11- Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo (NL) (48-36) (29-19) Amazing turn around from last season

12- Jackson Mudslide (AL) (44-40) (28-20) Best +- in the league has them hanging in the playoff race

13- Chicago Orphans (NL) (44-40) (30-18)- Rising from the ashes, Chicago's David James and Mule Meek lead the charge

14- Vancouver Voodoo (AL) (41-43) (18-30)- Unexpected complete collapse of a good team. 7th worst in the 2nd quarter

15- Charlotte Charlotteans (NL) (45-39) (26-22)- Claim to be rebuilding despite a 6 game division lead

16- Baltimore Buushwackerz (NL) (43-41) (27-21) Roy Barkley has 44 SB's on 44 attempts

17- Boise Spuds (AL) (42-42) (23-25)- They come into these rankings as the hottest team in Hobbs (W7)

18- San Juan Padres (NL) (39-45) (25-23)- Gorks Rondon is on pace for 15 wins despite having only pitched for 56 innings

19- Richmond Fire Blitz (AL) (44-40) (20-28) Don't laugh, in the AL East this record is good enough for a 12 game lead

20- New Orleans Big Test Icicles (AL) (42-42) (22-26)- Likely 4 all-stars despite so-so record.

21- Dover Rabid Dogs (NL) (31-53) (20-28)- Despite trades their roster still says they should be better

22- Florida TIGERS (AL) (37-47) (20-28)- Don't try to steal 2nd on the TIGERS, it will not end well
23- San Diego Surf Sharks (AL) (40-44) (23-25) Del Cabrera is Mr. Automatic and SD is playing the best baseball they have in 5 seasons.

24- Santa Fe Fire (NL) (32-52) (15-33)- Ken Woods has 66 walks against only 19 strikeouts. Amazing.
25- Honolulu Hurricanes (AL) (31-53) (25-23)- After a tough, tough first quarter they rebounded to have a winning record over the last 48

26- Philadelphia Erffdoggs (AL) (36-48) (21-27)- Too bad dakar made him break up the OBP filled Erffdoggs of seasons past

27- Syracuse Shockers (AL) (32-52) (16-32) It would be shocking if the defending champs even made the playoffs at this point

28- Little Rock And Rollers (NL) (31-53) (14-34) 13 game losing streak didn't help. They just don't have enough top line talent

29- Trenton Fishermen (AL) (26-58) (14-34)- Things seem to be going from bad to worse in Trenton.

30- Santa Cruz Designated Drinkers (NL) (36-48) (19-29)- After showing signs of life in the first quarter they seem to be slipping.

31- New Britain Red Coats (AL) (24-60) (13-35)- Worst record in the 2nd quarter and worst record overall

32- Los Angeles Lothbroks (NL) (27-57) (15-33)- A little better in the 2nd quarter, but not much

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