Sunday, October 26, 2014

Season 25 Preview

Season 25 Projected Power Rankings

Rank- Team (Projected Wins Losses)

1- Las Vegas (109-53) The clear favorite. The best offense, with a run of being tied for th best pitching in the AL, one of the best set of hitters I have ever seen, they have it all. An amazing squad.

2- Jacksonville (108-54) The clear favorites in the NL, but mostly because AL is better. Deep and talented, their pitching is the best in Hobbs.

3- Kansas City (105-57) Deep and talented, they are good at everything and will give Las Vegas chase for the best record in Hobbs.

4- Pawtucket (100-62) The final team that does everything well. The gap between them and #5 is much bigger than Pawtucket and Vegas.

5- Indianapolis (91-71) Though they have started dumping their older stars they have traded well and still are a favorite to make the playoffs.

6- Nashville (89-73) Seems pretty likely to win a 5th division title in a row.

7- Cheyenne (89-73) In the wrong division. Still two of the three of Cheyenne, Boise, and Vancouver will get the WC

8- Boise (88-74) In the wrong division. Still two of the three of Cheyenne, Boise, and Vancouver will get the WC

9- Vancouver (87-75) In the wrong division. Still two of the three of Cheyenne, Boise, and Vancouver will get the WC

10- Cincinnati (85-77) In the NL so they are a favorite for the WC

11- Charlotte (84-78) The best of a questionable division. They won it last season to.

12- San Francisco (83-79) The best of an even more questionable division

13- Durham (83-79) My SS underestimated them last season. It still does. Projected to be the best NL team outside of the playoffs

14- Honolulu (83-79) Going the wrong way a little and they miss the playoffs this season after two season of making it.

15- Jackson (82-80) Kind of ok at everything lands you in the 15th spot

16- Baltimore (82-80) pitching is near elite, but may struggle to score runs.

17- Trenton (81-81) Will score runs and give up runs at an above average clip. There is talent there, but may need a big move to get them in the playoffs.

18- San Juan (78-84) Will need a big year from Alfredo Payton to get over the hump

19- Santa Fe (77-85) Raybie has already made some interesting moves and seems poised to see improvement soon

20- Sacramento (75-87) As predicted by me, knine has already brought respectability to this beleaguered franchise

21- Richmond (75-87) Just not enough talent. A solid manager keeps them decent, but they just need more players

22- New Britain (75-87) Should be a much better year for dbird. The rebuild is well under way.

23- Los Angeles (73-89) Compete guess. They only have 18 players

24- Syracuse (72-90) The WS champ still has elite pitching, but just can figure out how they are going to hit.

25- Chicago (72-90) Seem a little stuck. They have a super clever owner, but not enough elite players

26- Buffalo (71-91) Rebuild is going well.

27- Florida (69-93) At least on paper they need more elite hitting and starting pitching

28- Little Rock (68-94) Will give up way too many runs.

29- New Orleans (68-94) The elite talent just isn't ready yet.

30- Philadelphia (67-95) Will bottom out this season show improvement next season.

31- San Diego (63-99) Like Little Rock will give up too many runs.

32- Santa Cruz (61-101) 32nd offense in the league. . .out of 32

Season 25 Top Hitters

Jin-Chi Itou LV
P.T. Feliz KC
Christy King Syra
Jamey Brewington Jax
Tommy Webster Jac
Alan Duncan SAC
Ken Woods SF
Lewis Gilkey Paw
Bill Williams Jr. Jax
Jumbo Sanchez LV
Bengie Fernandez SF
Josh Garcia Paw
Geronimo Marquez Phil
Yonder Rosado KC
Woody Reagan Dov
Michael Palmer Boi
Rob Counsell SF
Hector Cortez SF
Moises Morales Dov
Ron Casey SF
Hugh Pierre KC
Vinny Catalanotto Hono
Edwin Jones Balt
Robinzon Beltran LV
Juan Aramboles Jax

Season 25 Top Pitchers
Al Troncoso Char
Derrick Dawkins Balt
Yamil Duran Char
Orlando Fernandez Jax
Santos Eovaldi KC
Jeremi Wilkerson Jax
Frank Hong Tren
Rick Branson Jax
Lew Ellis Syra
Vern Stone LV
Jack Harding Paw
Benji Ramirez Dov
Louis Wilson Syra
Jack Parrish Dur
Domingo Hernandez Cin
Vicente Prieto Chi
Enerio Tatis Rich
Darren James Boi
Benj Trammell Chey
Trever Springer Nash
Mark Martin Balt
Jason Haywood KC
Jair Gonzalez Jax
J.R. Blackley Paw
Edgardo Diaz SJ

Future Power Rankings

1 San Francisco 14
2 Baltimore 13
3 Kansas City 12.5
3 Richmond 12.5
5 Jacksonville 11.5
6 Santa Cruz 9.5
7 Chicago 9
8 Pawtucket 8.5
9 Las Vegas 8
9 Honolulu 8
9 Jackson 8
9 Buffalo 8
9 New Orleans 8
14 New Britain 7.5
14 Philadelphia 7.5
16 Florida 7
17 Vancouver 6.5
17 San Juan 6.5
19 Dover 6
19 Cheyenne 6
19 Trenton 6
19 Little Rock 6
19 San Diego 6
24 Charlotte 5.5
24 Santa Fe 5.5
26 Los Angeles 5
27 Durham 4.5
28 Nashville 3.5
28 Boise 3.5
30 Cincinnati 2.5
31 Sacramento 2.5
32 Syracuse 1

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