Friday, August 1, 2014

40 Game Power Rankings

thanks to our Power Rankings correspondent topoftheworl

1- Pawtucket Griffins (NL) 30-13 Tied for first in record, no worse than 3rd in anything. A destructive machine that seems likely to win at least 110.
2- Indianapolis Cougars (NL) 29-14 The two champs are up to no good! First in run differential, no worse than 4th in any component they have to be the favorite to win it all again.
3- Las Vegas Desperados (AL) 29-14 2nd best roster and only a game behind the best record, they have played a little above their run differential. It should frighten us all that they could summon as much as 27 mil in prospect budget should they wish.
4- Kansas City Jayhawks (AL) 27-16 They have the top ranked roster, have already added a you catcher, rp, and corner of to their system and on pace for 102 wins. Oh well, at least I got Wellington Park out of him.
5- Durham Bulls (NL) 30-13 Tied for the best record, 2nd in run differential, my numbers say he only has a middling roster, but I can’t argue with 30-13. Does he AND Indy need to be in my division?
6- Cheyenne Feather Heads (AL) 28-15 The Cheyenne Professional Baseball team offense is firing on all cylinders, but their pitching is only average.
7- Cincinnati Red Bowties (NL) 26-17 Their bats have been quieter than my predictions expected, but their pitching has been top tier and it has them in a nice place overall.
8- Charlotte Charlotteans (NL) 24-19 Solid hitting and pitching usually equal a top flight team, but Charlotte has only been a little above average. They seem likely to improve.
9- Richmond Fire Blitz (AL) 27-16 Steelforge has been getting superior results from what I see as a decent, but not amazing roster. His run differential is in line with my roster projections so we will see if he can keep this up.
10- Syracuse Shockers (AL) 24-19 Pitching has been excellent and the batting has been decent. See Charlotte only more so.
11- Jacksonville See You Now (NL) 23-20 Top believes that he has all the pieces in place to dominate for seasons. Just not this season.
12- Vancouver Voodoo (AL) 23-20 Their underlying numbers say they should be average and they are.
13- San Juan Padres (NL) 23-20 Their run differential says they are a top 6 team. Their scoring runs like a champ. However, their pitching and bad luck seems to be holding them down.
14- Honolulu Hurricanes (AL) 23-20 Pitching has been fine, hitting not as much. Their performance matches their roster ranking and run differential.
15- Los Angeles Lothbroks (NL) 26-17 This is the 2nd mystery team. There is not one underlying number that justifies this record. None! They can’t hit, their pitching is about average and they make trades with me (thereby questioning their character). Yet their 9 games over .500
16- Florida TIGERS (AL) 23-20 Florida’s team name is all in CAPS. Speaking of funny spelling, Bryan Iorg is having a 'I take steroids in my Wheaties' kind of season, and leading the pitching staff with his 7-0 record and 1.78 ERA. The rest of the staff has a combined ERA of 5.05.
17- Jackson Mudslide (AL) 22-21 Ranked 4th in the AL in OBP, and 2nd in SB and total runs scored. The offense is humming and running along. The pitching isn't getting it done though, team ERA is 4.84.
18- Nashville BootLeggers (AL) 21-22 Nashville is playing way above their run differential. They have a good roster and scoring runs. I would expect them to sort it all out over the next 40.
19- San Francisco Gothams (NL) 20-23 Considering what they are paying for their roster they are doing quite well. Excellent hitting, suspect pitching, but 40 million sign me up.
20- Baltimore Buushwackerz (NL) 21-22 Can you believe that this good team is the worst in my division? Sheesh! What a power house to walk into.
21- Trenton Fishermen (AL) 18-25 They actually are almost a top 10 roster, but they haven’t played like it. Just kind of below average everywhere.
22- St. Louis Blues (NL) 18-25 The pitching is serviceable, about league average. The offense though, simply hasn't gotten it done. Third lowest run total in the NL.
23- New Orleans Big Test Icicles (AL) 18-25 Will New Orleans be a force with 2 seasons? Yes they will. No team has done more to improve themselves for the future and the present isn’t even that bad.
24- Chicago Orphans (NL) 19-24 The rebuild has clearly started. The LoA and HiA squads are a combined 65-27 so far this season. Watch out for Chicago in 2-3 seasons!
25- Boise Spuds (AL) 14-29 Boise is scoring runs, but their pitching is just not good. One wonders how long it will be before megatalent Michael Palmer gets dealt for pitching.
26- Philadelphia Erffdoggs (AL) 18-25 Many tears were shed as fans were devastated by the trading of Philly legend, perennial All Star and former MVP Ken Woods. The rebuild is in full effect!
27- Little Rock Rebels (NL) 17-26 I can back up a lot of what was said in WC. His underlying numbers say he’s close to average. His roster ranking and record say otherwise.
28- New Britain Red Coats (AL) 16-27 Franchise has seemed to be stuck in neutral for the last seven seasons. It seems destined for another year with a W total in the low 70s.
29- Santa Cruz Designated Drinkers (NL) 17-26 Despite their record I actually like what Santa Cruz is doing. They have accumulated a lot of talent already, have 7 first round draft picks, have maximized cap flexibility, and securing themselves a great draft pick without being THAT bad.
30- San Diego Surf Sharks (AL) 13-30 They just can’t score a run to save their lives. The pitching has been o.k. The gulf between them and the next two is very wide. San Diego may have finished 30th, but their score is in the “normal” range.
31- Milwaukee High Lifes (NL) 9-34 Milwaukie and Helena both have nothing except high draft picks next season going for them at the moment.
32- Helena Hill Williams (NL) 12-31 Poor, poor hotdog

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