Friday, July 25, 2014

Foggy Forecast in Helena

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I'm not at all sure what this team might do. Certainly,they won't set the league on fire. The big surprise of ST was the performance of 30 year old career minor league first baseman Allen Brown who has been stuck behind other talented players at this dime a dozen position for years. When given a chance,he delivered. Our goal this season is to equal or exceed last season's 63 wins,good enough not to get booted from the league. We despair of our farm system which did not exist before we took over. The team was also full of aging past their prime players. Our best talent is already in the majors. Starting pitchers Neftali Lee and utilityman Tim Lofton were so disappointing in ST they will have to work their way back and are lucky to have made the team. A full season from catcher Omar Feliz,shotstop James Fujiwara,third baseman Tom Winston and newly-acquired center fielder Pedro Prieto should help. The pitching is a little gray. 36 year old Vic Brand and 35 year old Turner McMahon are in the twilight of their careers. The rotation is rounded out by the surprising development of young Cesar Quinten,the newly acquired Dicky Wingo and the perpetually mediocre Dusty Kennedy. Look for Greg Willis and/or Steven Dransfeldt to challenge for spots in the rotation. All that being said,look for these players to get most of the playing time this
C Omar Feliz
1B Ivan Morales
2B Lonnie Felsen
SS James Fujiwara
3B Tom Winston
LF Alan Duncan
CF Pedro Prieto
RF Edwin Jones
DH Carlton Wade
The starting rotation:
1 Vic Brand
2 Turner McMahon
3 Cesar Quinten
4 Dusty Kennedy
5 Dicky Wingo
That's all,folks! The End

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