Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hobbs Fast Facts... Did You Know?

- In the first 23 seasons of the Hobbs League, 15 different franchises have won at least one World Series.

-Only 4 franchises have won multiple World Series, all four of those are in the AL: Indianapolis, Baltimore, Santa Cruz and Los Angeles

- In the AL, 9 different franchises have won the Pennant. In the NL, 8 different franchises have won the Pennant.

- Every team in Hobbs has made the playoffs at least once. The Kansas City Jayhawks hold the Hobbs record for most playoff appearances with 16.

- There are only two teams are left from Season 1, in their original forms, with their owners... the Chicago Orphans (cretins) of the NL and the Kansas City Jayhawks (dakar) of the AL.

- There are actually four founding members left in Hobbs... cretin and dakar mentioned above. The other two are palet99, who has been with his team since Season 1 (props to colton for being a stand up guy and letting palet return to his team!). For 23 Seasons, it was the Salt Lake City Golden Crew. The team has relocated, and re-branded as the San Francisco Gothams leaving generations of Crew fans heartbroken in Utah... The other founding member left is stnick44, who spent 21 seasons at the helm of the Scranton Blue Collars. For the last three seasons, stnick44 has been guiding a different franchise, the now Los Angeles Lothbroks.

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