Sunday, June 12, 2016

Team Notes Game 32

We're just about one-fifth of the way into the season.  Reality is starting to set in.  That sketchy left-hander with the career 5.32 ERA is not going to bust out his career year and win 20 for you. But there have been surprises, both good and bad.  Here's a team-by-team look at items of note throughout the league.

Chicago Orphans:  Despite a 4.89 Team ERA, the Orphans are in the middle of the NL North race.  They're 2nd in runs scored in the NL...the early standouts are RF Brad O'Connor (.336/8/21) and CF Yoslan Goya (.314/6/25).

Chicago Capone's:  Total pitching collapse so far...ERA more than a run higher than last year's.  Ray of sunshine:  their power hitters are connecting (4th in AL)...Oropesa leads with 10.

Cheyenne Huckleberries:  Starters Bellinger (2-2, 3.38 ERA) and Atchley (3-2, 3.38) are trying to keep the staff afloat, but after those 2 it's just a big barrel of napalm.  Despite being short on power (AL-last 18 HR's), the offense is scoring pretty well...1B Cooke leads with 24 RBI.

Charlotte Steam:  Could this team put away the NL South early?  2nd-best Team ERA (3.64) says bet on it.  4 starters under 4.00 ERA...T.J. Maybin has been lights out at 2-2, 1.79.  Remember last year's big trade of Kelvim Hasegawa for Rich Kohn and Zoltan Keppinger?  Keppinger only leads both leagues in HR's with 19.

Charleston Flying Divots:  Looks like a rebuilding year after all for the Divots.  I still can't figure out who's the bigger mystery, Derrick Dawkins (5.26 ERA) or Nashville's Jason Haywood (7.84 ERA).

Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo:  We knew they'd hit HR's - their 57 lead the NL.  If ROY favorite Carlos Valdivia (a tepid .261/3/5 so far) heats up, watch out.  The pitching just needs to get back to last year's level for them to eventually pull away in the North.

Boise Spuds:  Just trying to stay competitive during the rebuild.  Standouts:  SS Alex Duran (.299/6/23) and RP Jolbert Escobar (2 wins, 1 save, 1.07 ERA).

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