Friday, June 10, 2016

Team-By-Team At Game 24

We're almost one-fifth of the way into the season.  Reality is starting to set in.  That sketchy left-hander with the career 5.32 ERA is not going to bust out his career year and win 20 for you. But there have been surprises, both good and bad.  Here's a team-by-team look at items of note throughout the league.

Vancouver Voodoo:  Near 1.000-OPS start for 3B Bob Wilkerson and 2.25 ERA for Matt Grace (although he's the stereotype of the pitcher described in the intro) have the Voodoo at least flirting with .500 as they start a teardown/rebuild.

Texas Choades:  Bob Tucker doing his usual thing:  .409/9/20 through 24 games.  It's their pitching keeping them afloat, though (Aramis Romo - 2-1, 2.28 ERA thorugh 4 starts).

Scottsdale Cardinals:  The Bash Brigade is back in action (tied for the NL lead in HR's at Game 24).  2nd-year RF Lou Trammel leads with 9.  And guess what?  When you stop the other guys from scoring, you win a lot more games!  Cards pitchers have been masterful...Chiasson is 4-0, 2.18 ERA, and the move back to the rotation seems to agree with Ivan Beltre (2-0, 2.95).

Santa Fe Fire:  Must be nice: with their recent Game-20 promotions, the Fire rotation that will have them contending for the next dozen+ years is set:  Juan Martinez (age 24), Willie Tepera (25), Willie Matos (21), Torey Izquierdo (21), and either Cy Kneper (24) or Hernan Ramos (23). 

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