Sunday, May 22, 2016

Inside Look At How The Big KC-Dover Trade Went Down

Our crack (some would say "on crack") team of investigative reporters has spent the last 20 hours dumpster-diving, listening to wiretaps, and beating testimony out of team personnel to get the (only slightly embellished) story of how the Jayhawks-Rabid Dogs mega-trade happened.  Here's the sequence told (mostly) from the perspectives of the respective GM's:

"The original discussion was just around Eovaldi (Santos Eovaldi).  Eovaldi for McHenry (Khalil McHenry)/Carey (Ernest Carey) seemed like the starting point."

The information is fuzzier here because we don't have direct quotes, but our garbled phone taps indicate there were a few other names bandied around before an offer for of McHenry and a couple of other guys for Eovaldi emerged.  

kdfan:"Dakar held firm that it would require both young pitchers. I thought the deal was going to fall through as there was another bidder on Eovaldi."

There were approximately 40 tc's back and forth to get this deal done (now there are a couple of motivated traders).

kdfan:"With the whole core of the team coming back, and having been beaten decisively in the World Series two years in a row, management felt that trading McHenry and Carey, however painful, was the right thing to do to give Woody, Hasey and Bartolo their best chance to get that ring.'

"I inquired about adding Wilson (Louis Wilson) - hoping to add some minor leaguers. KC held firm in their insistence that such a deal would necessitate both Khalid and Ernest. We balked at that- and it looked like the deal would fall apart with Eovaldi being dealt elsewhere. Finally management here in Dover felt that we had to pay the price in order to give Woody, Hasey Et al their best chance to win a ring - as Vegas had clearly demonstrated superiority dominating us in two straight World Series."

There were clearly other offers for Wilson and Eovaldi in fact, Wilson had exercised his no-trade clause on one.  But (we think) there were no other offers for both. At last, the two sides arrived at the foundation of the deal - McHenry and Carey for Eovaldi and Wilson - and the rest of the details easily fell into place.

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