Sunday, March 20, 2016

More Uncommon Knowledge and Tips

(NCK) = not common knowledge
(ST) = strategy tip

(NCK) - this one is truly obscure and courtesy of Iain:  You can arbitrate a player and sign him to a long-term contract at the same time.  Open 2 tabs, go to the arbitration screen in both.  Use the first screen to take him to arbitration.  Use the second screen to sign him long-term.  See transactions for Geoffrey Carter.

(NCK) - I think it's common knowledge, but what took me many seasons to understand is to limit your ML players playing time during spring training. I can't tell you how many times I wore players out but playing them full time during spring training.

(ST)IMO, defense is generally underrated. You can get pretty good results with a really good defense team, even if the other areas aren't too hot, and you can generally get good defense cheaper than good hitting.

(ST) Spring training: I start my MLB line up the first 3 or 4 games in preseason. This gives them about 20-25 at bats. I then rotate my prospects in until the final 2 games. I then reinsert the MLB lineup over the last two games. I always seem to get off to a good start in the regular season. This season the Ellis D's started 5-1 and had dreams of a playoff run. Since then the team has fallen on hard times. I remember reading somewhere that players will be rusty if not used in the preseason.

(ST) -  I think for me it is important to manage the minor leagues. By looking at players you get to know what's coming and where there is value. You also learn to read development thus freeing up advanced scouting money. I rank all my players and revisit it at the all star break and beginning of the year. It allows you to learn what was right and where you erred.

(ST) - I try to make it a rule to have no less than 7 (NL) or 8 (AL) decent hitters in my lineups.  The one exception is usually a defense-proficient SS.  SS gets so many more chances (usually) than every other position (2B is close sometimes) that it makes sense to sacrifice some offense there.  I almost always favor hitting catchers over defensive catchers. 2B is an odd position defensively - SIM doesn't seem to punish lower-than-recommended range and glove ratings with poor plays and errors as much as it does other positions. Maybe it's because 2B's are not as subject to throwing errors as other positions...I don't know.  After SS, the position I'll sacrifice some offense at is CF.  Not because I want to, it's just hard to find CF's that can hit much.  To me, CF seems to be overrated as a defensive contributor...CF's get far fewer chances than SS, 2B and even 3B.

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