Monday, February 22, 2016

Witch Hunters, Sewer Gators Strike FA Gold

The Salem Witch Hunters and New York Sewer Gators were the big winners on the last cycle of regular FA bidding.  Salem landed 2B/CF Jamey Brewington and New York was the choice of SP Joe Johnson.  Both players received max contracts ($80MM, 5 years).

Brewington likely inherits the CF job in Salem.   He joins a potent lineup featuring LF Ike Allen, 1B Miguel Matos, 2B Gary Person, 3B Tito Cooper and C "Better Call" Saul Pinzon. Look for some big numbers in Salem games this year, with the Hunters frequently on top.

New York is going the other way, with a team built on defense.  Johnson was the critical ace SP they needed to make their plan, so landing JJ was a huge coups.  Don't bet on the Gators standing pat...they've been super-active in designing this team and may look to upgrade pitching and a position or 2.

In other Type A and B signings on the last cycle, Burlington took SP Tony Duran, Texas grabbed lefty short reliever Oswaldo Vizquel, Nashville inked righty RP John Reed, Vancouver landed lefty RP Rob Phelps and New York struck again with IF Ruben Mantalban.

That wraps up the major part of the offseason, with only the Rule V Draft before pitchers and catchers report.  Remember to protect those prospects from the Rule V!

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