Friday, February 19, 2016

Free Agency Starts, Johnson Trade Torpedoed

Free agency starts today with big names like Jamie Brewington, Vinny Catalanatto, and Joe Johnson expected to land mega-deals.

An interesting FA sub-plot will be the next destinations and contracts for 38-yo superstars Orlando Fernandez and Jair Gonzalez.  How high do you bid for ratings like that knowing they'll be lower by yearend?  How many years?  Do you give up a first-rounder for only 2 years of a pitcher?  Interesting answers ahead.

Meanwhile on the trade front, GM's rejected the Harry Johnson trade, with 11 vetoing. What does Chicago GM cretins do now that Johnson has signed a relatively team-friendly arb deal?  Keep him for another year?  Move him in a better trade?  With the spotlight squarely on Chicago he's sure to have a selection of offers.

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