Thursday, June 4, 2015

Power Rankings

Team record raw score
1. Kansas City Jayhawks (AL) 30-10 1 Number one in every way. Is this the season Dakar gets over the top?
2. Jacksonville Abominations (NL) 28-12 2 Pitching has declined significantly from the last two seasons.
3. Las Vegas Desperados (AL) 25-15 3.75 Was 11-12 at one point I think and then went Desperados
4. Scranton Express (NL) 23-17 6.5 Only 14th in runs scored. If that improves expect them back in the elite.
5. Scottsdale Cardinals (NL) 26-14 7 The talent was always there, now they are executing! Better record than goose.
6. Vancouver Voodoo (AL) 23-17 7.5 Above average at everything as usual.
7. Baltimore Buushwackerz (NL) 24-16 7.75 Don't think I haven't noticed they are top four in expected winning percentage.
8. Cheyenne Feather Heads (AL) 22-18 9 Nicky Cooke has 53 RBI's already. 200 in sight?
9. Durham Bulls (NL) 22-18 9 2nd in runs scored
10. Jackson Mudslide (AL) 22-18 9.25 Alejandro Valenzuela is CRUSHING and for only 3.8 mil is close to the best deal in the league.
11. Pittsburgh Ellis D's (NL) 22-18 15 The surprise team (to me) of the seasons so far. Jbugg was holding them back.
12. Houston Hitmen (NL) 20-20 15.25 Better talent and expected than Little Rock, but worse results.
13. Little Rock And Rollers (NL) 21-19 15.5 With a 1 game lead over Houston one wonders how long he can keep mega prospect Juan Martinez in the minors.
14. Burlington Dark Monsters (AL) 21-19 16.5 Thomas Roosevelt has 31 steals in only 40 games. WOW!
15. San Diego Surf Sharks (AL) 22-18 16.75 Great pitching, just needs to score more runs
16. Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalobuffalo (NL) 20-20 17.25 Like Syracuse a few seasons ago, the champs may not make the playoffs.
17. Augusta Fire Blitz (AL) 18-22 17.5 My SS likes 'em, but the record doesn't back it up.
18. Syracuse SlumpBusters (AL) 21-19 17.5 What a recovery! Syracuse is back!
19. Boise Spuds (AL) 20-20 19.25 Mark Martian is the best closer in Hobbs so far (11/12 1.33 ERA 0.79 WHIP)
20. Trenton Fishermen (AL) 21-19 19.25 Its exciting to see Trenton making a run!
21. Dover Rabid Dogs (NL) 19-21 19.75 Plagued by injuries to the pitching staff and underperforming hitters yet only 2 under .500
22. Sacramento Maters (NL) 21-19 20.75 I have no idea how knine has this team over .500. One of the best game managers in HBD.
23. Nashville BootLeggers (AL) 17-23 21.25 Not getting what they hoped for with their 105 million dollar payroll.
24. Chicago Orphans (NL) 16-24 22 Has talent, but is massively underperforming. Very curious to see what he gets for Mule Meek.
25. San Juan Padres (NL) 19-21 23 Rookie Javier Lopez is the best defensive catcher in Hobbs to this point.
26. Helena Wild Turkeys (AL) 14-26 24.5 5.50 team ERA is holding them back
27. Los Angeles Lothbroks (NL) 12-28 25 2-10 in one run games does not help.
28. Philadelphia Erffdoggs (AL) 17-23 25 More blown saves than saves is contributing to the disappointing season.
29. San Francisco Gothams (NL) 14-26 27.25 6.10 team ERA. Pack it in or hit the trade market?
30. New Orleans Big Test Icicles (AL) 15-25 27.5 Underperforming to this point, good D, not much else.
31. Santa Fe Fire (NL) 13-27 28.5 The defense is really not doing the pitching staff any favors.
32. Florida TIGERS (AL) 12-28 31 The worst in many categories. I don't see this improving this season.

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