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Future Power Rankings

Hobbs Headlines has a new staff writer! Thanks to topoftheworl for helping out as our new Power Rankings correspondent. He'll be posting power ranking a few times throughout the season. His first offering is something a bit different, the 'Future Power Rankings...'

Each team was graded on all the players who are in their system, but only players who are 25 or younger were evaluated. Each of these young players were then ordered by overall rating, relative to others at that player's primary listed position. Players were then ranked as Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 or Tier 4... and then the whole team scored. Tier 1 players were weighted significantly higher than Tier 4 players. Remember, this is only players 25 or younger.

Thanks again topoftheworl!

1- Jacksonville- Future Power Rankings Score- 17; Total number of young players evaluated- 19
Jacksonville See You Now headline young players are 2B Jamey Brewington, SP’s Rick Branson, Dillon Mays, and Don Bagley, as well as recently acquired Woody Reagan. The Now’s lead the ranking due more to the depth of prospects instead of the headliners. No team has more Tier 3 young players and only one team had more Tier 2 young players.

2- Kansas City- Score- 14.2; Young Players- 18
Ace Santos Eovaldi will win multiple Cy Youngs and P.T. Feliz is only 23 and has one of the best bats in Hobbs. Kansas City is loaded at the top and at the bottom. Feliz is a Tier 1 player and they have the second most Tier 4 players with 9.

3- Jackson- Score- 13.1; Young Players- 21
Jackson is more deep than spectacular. They have an amazing 12 Tier 4 players (no one else has more than 9) and another 8 Tier 3 players (4th overall).

4- Chicago- Score- 12.8; Young Players- 18
Lead by dynamic CF Harry Johnson, SP Corey Booker and Kazuhiro Lee; Chicago is similar to Jacksonville in that they have a number of solid ML’ers in their system and in the ML, but lack the top line player. They have 10 Tier 3 young players, which is the second most.

5- San Francisco- Score- 12.7; Young Players- 18
Angel Cruz brings power and speed to 2B and Roger Harvey is a Tier 1 closer that headline the league's 5th best system.

6- Baltimore- Score- 11.9; Young Players- 12
Baltimore is the most top heavy organization in the rankings. They have 4 Tier 2 prospects which is the most in the league.

7- Richmond- Score- 11.7; Young Players- 14

8- Milwaukee- Score- 11.5; Young Players- 14

8- Pawtucket- Score- 11.5; Young Players- 14

10- Las Vegas- Score- 10.3; Young Players- 8
Their system is thin, but boy, it is good at the top. They were the only team to have multiple Tier 1 young players (Jumbo Sanchez, Cristobal Morales and Jin-Chi Itou). There are 24 other teams (including my own, Jacksonville) which don't have a single Tier 1 young player.

11- New Britain- Score- 10.1; Young Players- 15

12- Honolulu- Score- 8.7; Young Players 10

13- Florida- Score- 8.3; Young Players- 12

14- New Orleans-Score- 8.2; Young Players- 12

15- Durham- Score- 8.2; Young Players- 14

16- Cheyenne- Score- 7.8; Young Players- 8

17- Trenton- Score- 7.6; Young Players- 9

17- Vancouver- Score- 7.6; Young Players- 9

19- Charlotte- Score 7.4; Young Players- 8

19- Santa Cruz- Score- 7.4; Young Players- 8

21- San Juan- Score- 7.4; Young Players- 13

22- Cincinnati- Score- 6.8; Young Players- 8

23- Los Angeles- Score- 6.2; Young Players 8

24- Little Rock- Score- 5.4; Young Players- 7

25- St. Louis- Score- 4.8; Young Players- 9

26- San Diego- Score- 4.6; Young Players- 6

27- Syracuse- Score- 4.5; Young Players- 8

28- Indianapolis- Score- 4.4; Young Players- 6

29- Boise- Score- 4.2; Young Players- 7

30- Nashville- Score- 3.5;  Young Players- 7

31- Philadelphia- Score- 3.2; Young Players- 6

32- Helena- Score- 0.9; Young Players- 3
Poor hotdog. He has only been there one season, so I assume the cupboard was left bare before he arrived.

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